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When Mexico announced its National Digital Strategy, the Citizen Integration Center (CIC) – a non-profit organization in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – responded by launching its open data portal, The portal hosts a growing number of datasets from sources such as government, academia, and non-profit organizations. All of the datasets are easily accessible, machine-readable, and cover topics from crime incidents to geography stats and public finances.

CIC seeks to promote the clear, reliable, and free flow of information between citizens and government in the metropolitan area of Monterrey. As part of that goal, they are adopting technologies that help citizens voice concerns, submit proposals, and gather support for the community’s most pressing needs.

By launching , CIC hopes to nurture a community of researchers, government officials, civic hackers, and journalists who will use the datasets as a basis to support research, inform public policy, and aid government decision making. As CIC explains, is only the beginning of their effort to establish open and collaborative citizen engagement. That is why they launched the portal with an open invitation to citizens and other institutions: upload your data and become a part of the solution.

Jesus Cepeda-CIC

Source: Socrata

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